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indicators show that if the lions win the election, mitt romney. the san francisco giants wind, obama is favored. we also look at the redskins record, and they will be playing the carolina panthers in the final game, and the redskins are slightly favored. and if they win, the incumbent is likely to win. just so you have that. now, onto our election panel. in today's abc -- excuse me come in tuesday's abc news "washington post" poll, romney and obama were separated by seven hundredths of 1%. i don't think i've ever seen anything that close. we're going to turn to michael first to talk about what he sees the election at this point and then hendry will take a look at ohio, the state we're all watching most closely. and, finally, norval look at the senate, compared with and house races. michael, let's begin. >> thank you very much, karlyn, and this is been an exciting election season here. i think we all pretty much agreed we have something of a sea change or significant change in this election after the tour will -- the first debate between barack obama and mitt romney. it seemed to tran
governor romney said on the first debate. >> look, i don't have an issue with it. first of all what governor romney essentially is talking about, this is just to clarify, and i'm not going to evade your question, he's saying if china wants to trade we need a level playing field. there isn't a level playing field. t ultimately it is bad for everybody because at some point americans will stop investing in china. and he says he is going to lay on tariffs. so he is saying if you guys want to play this game, we can hurt you just as much as you think you can hurt us. now what will it do to the strategic balance out there which is your question? my guess is that the chinese will push as far as they can as long as there is no pushback. my best example of that is chinese behavior in the last few years in the south china sea where they kept pushing and bullying and to some extent they still are but when the administration, and i give hillary clinton a heck of a lot of credit for this, when she basically got up at the asean conference and made it clear this was going a little too far they back
bite social safety net concern. at what's interesting is in recent weeks as the romney campaign has been able to close the gap despite this data showing that women are less likely to believe that programs create a culture of dependency and despite the data showing that women can more about health care as an issue. women like men are most likely to say that the economy matters in their decision, so it appears that the romney campaign and this is on how the economy is affecting women, namely that there more women in poverty under the obama administration, and the recession has hit women hard in terms of job loss. this message may be making traction among women voters. when it comes to catholics, there are several points to emphasize. while catholics overall are more supportive of obama in this day, it's large function of obama's overwhelming popularity of latino men and women. and i don't include this on the table, but there is a gender gap among the 10 catholics. the two men are less likely to support obama and women but generally speaking the vast majority of latino men are supporti
, if we win a majority, we'll hold majority in the house. if we win majority in the senate and mitt romney is next president and paul ryan is the next vice president we will move quickly on an agenda to stablize these tax rates. i tell you by the time mitt romney is up for re-election i think by then we'll see recovery and see unemployment drop at least point and a half. >> what is the acceptable rate? what would you consider to be the acceptable rate of unemployment? king: when i was in iowa senate we had 2% unemployment rate. we call that full employment economy. i would keep trying to drive the unemployment rate down as far as i could. i would never accept that everybody would be working until everybody is working. >> what would you put the number nationally? king: i think we would be very comfortable if we get the number down to 4%. i say in that zone, but i would never let up. >> miss vilsack, your response. vilsack: we have gridlock in congress and congressman king hasn't done of much for 10 years in congress and we need he needs to be held responsible for that. we feed farm bill. th
up key states, it says here that backed by a ramp-up in tv ad purchases, mitt romney will spend much of the final two weeks of the campaign presenting himself as a bipartisan bridge builder, aides said, while president barack obama tries the persuade -- to persuade voters to this remine rival is painting a veneer over conservative policy positions. that's "the wall street journal". and then this morning "the washington post" says this: candidates adopt new roles for the final stretch. on a day of high energy rallies, president obama's campaign also announced grand last minute gesture to rebut criticism that obama has no agenda for a second term. his campaign's plans to mail to 3.5 million copies of what it calls the blueprint for america's future. >> host: that's from "the washington post" this morning. and then also in "the new york times" in the morning on the election 2012 section, this is what they have to say. mr. obama's schedule and the tenor of his campaign appearances made clear that his primary mission now was to energize his own supporters and get them to vote, preferably
security campaign advisers to president obama and republican presidential candidate mitt romney. speaking for the president is michele flournoy who served as his defense undersecretary for policy. and romney adviser dov zakheim who was defense undersecretary and chief financial officer under president george w. bush. they recently spoke at a conference of the military reporters and editors' association. this is about an hour. >> okay. good evening, everyone, and welcome to the military reporters and editors' annual conference. my name's ellen, i'm with the madill school of journalism which is cosponsoring tonight's event. we're delighted to have the opportunity to partner with mre because our goals are very similar. the medill national security journalism initiative aims to educate young journalists and professional working veteran journalists to better improve coverage of national security issues. much the same goals as the military reporters and editors' conference. and, um, we've got a great program tonight, so i think we should get to it. i will turn the stage over to brian bender who
-existing conditions. you know, health care is a big deal, but whether -- is governor romney becomes president we will have romney care or obamacare because we need to solve this problem, and we need to solve it immediately. it is a collaborative effort between private, public, state, local government, and the federal government. >>moderater: senator hatch de. hatch: anything but affordable. 85 percent of the american people have insurance, and we are getting along quite fine. so discombobulated the whole country at a cost over two and a half trillion dollars with all kinds of regulation, all kinds of federal government intrusion. frankly, we in the state of utah did better by ourselves. we did not need the federal government to tell us what or how to do. and frankly, we have one of the best of care systems in the country. we for one of the first states outside of massachusetts to have an exchange. our exchange will not be acceptable to obamacare both, but i have to tell you this, obamacare will lead to destruction. there is no way that is not going to eat us alive. there is no way that we should
first rather than the political party. that is what i have done in the legislature when mitt romney is the governor i voted with him 54% of the time and i would against him 46% of the time and when each vote cannot i said what is best for the people in my district and best for the people in the state? in washington we have a group of people on both sides, 100% of the time with the leadership that is the congressman has done over 16 years. 99% of the time with the leadership and i do think that, again, on both sides putting the country first. and i want to assure the people in this district that when the votes come up i'm going to say to myself what is best for the people than the district and what is best for the country and that is the criteria that i will use when issues come before me. >> moderator: mr. tierney? tierney: to say it's a responsible bill yes they are in the right wing extremism. [applause] i gave you an opportunity to say that we would keep out of the super packs and the 51c4 just like with eisel the debate could elizabeth warren on the different levels i agreed to
playing out in your view? governor romney's advantage or not? >> when you say this day three of the biggest population come to talk about florida, texas, california. i keep thinking if we want immigration done, some of them have to bite the bullet and move to ohio and get thick winter coats and just make the sacrifice for the cause. the southwest eighth you just mentioned were so very important. such a crucial part of president obama -- candidate obama formula for winning. they are all a lot tighter this year than they were four years ago as well. and i think it's no coincidence that so many of those states, including florida and nevada, arizona, the southwest states have been so hard hit economically, some of the states that have been hit the hardest by the foreclosure crisis. so the economic situation, and hispanics who have been disproportionately acted by the economic downturn is having an effect on this. i'll also tell you, the issue is playing out here is that romney has a lot more money than john mccain did. barack obama was able to spend john mccain three to one, four
into the various areas around the world. and i think the governor romney clearly from the other night does not want foreign policy to be much of an issue. he went after president bush had plenty of opportunities and he chose not to do so. he has the knowledge and demeanor to be commander in chief and i think that governor romney wants the campaign to be about the economy. he brought it back to the economy and brought it back to barack obama's record. that is where they want to be. the president is looking at the mess around the world and doesn't want to talk about it. he wants to talk about getting bin laden. as a result, i think foreign policy has taken very much of a backseat. as we all know, the most important issue the president has to deal with, print and the president have an impact on economy? yes. can have an impact on fiscal situation? yes or in any significant way. but he is the sole player by and large on national security issues, and i don't think that we have a particularly good idea from this campaign of the differences between the two candidates as to their vision for america around
both hope and think he will. with governor romney that's the question and i don't have the answer. his position on the currency manipulator at 12:01 on january 20th gives me pause about his intentions and ability to do so. the obama approach the last ten years has featured for fundamental foundations. number one how welcoming china's rise as a successful and strong country. number two, ensuring that would be consistent with international law and international norms that means organizations like the world trade organization, the international monetary fund, the u.n. convention of the sea, the universal declaration of human rights. number three, ensuring that china's rise enhances the regional stability, and what we have done pursuant to that is we have developed partnerships and alliances throughout the pacific region vigorously from day one. there's no time to get into all of those but relations with korea and japan and australia i would argue have been brought to a new level, and last the economic issues have risen to a much greater place in the u.s.-china relationship than before, en
know about some of our other live coverage coming up today, at 1:10 p.m. mitt romney campaigning in ames, iowa, with a speech from his campaign is saying mitt romney would use the speech today to quote help crystallize the differences between each candidates economic approach. we will have that live for you at 1:10 p.m. on c-span at 2:00, the funeral service for the late senator george mcgovern. we'll have that live from sioux falls, south dakota. and begin back at george washington university, a law school for a on the dodd-frank law kicking off the morning just a short while ago with the dean of the law school setting up the discussion for the day. >> i'm the dean of the law school, as art said, and i want to welcome you to this conference and, obviously, welcome mary schapiro, the chairman of the u.s. securities and exchange commission. so, one of the things that i think makes this law school, george washington university law school, distinctive and different from other top law schools is the degree to which we are integrated into the real world of law and policy practice in t
university from boca raton florida. tonight president obama and candidate mitt romney meet in their final debate. we're looking at the media filing center also known as the spin room you see reporters from all over the world. we are just about three and a half hours over so away from the debate. live coverage gets underway at 7:00 on c-span. let's take a look and listen to the sites there in boca raton. [inaudible conversations] some of the media presence in boca raton florida to win university. we would like you to engage with us tonight from the boca raton with our preview starting in just about an hour and a half at 7:00 eastern. at - cbs news chief washington correspondent >> when i watch c-span i watch for congressional hearings and sometimes those pieces of legislation but more importantly about the house of representatives in the proceedings and speeches. on this congressional hearing subject matters like the appropriations but if you're reading something in the newspaper and get the idea that you want to get the readers to c-span and actually the reason is to get the rall informat
is good hold for a well. you don't show up in office, if governor romney wins, he gets 100 days or whatever to do something new. and he's posted it right away. he's not supposed to say i'm going to think about for a while. i get back to you in july. is supposed to act right away. china is the exact opposite. you don't come into office even if you're convinced, denouncing them. you're just making trouble. so the day care is the first party. that's when things change in 2002. it's when the southern was ratified formally in 1992. the first party plenum will be in october or november of 2013. it is not going to bring massive reforms that are already being implemented. that's not the chinese way. it's going to give us a sense of the direction of the new government. whether they say something like, you know, the previous government responded so well to the financial crisis, but there are these things it got a little carried away and we need to fix them. and an example, some state firms should go bankrupt. that would be assigned to you just have to say that you don't have to do anythin
in office. if governor romney wins, he gets 100 days or whatever to do something new. and he is supposed to do it right away. he is not supposed to say i will think about it for a while. i will get back to you in july. he is supposed to act right away. china is exact opposite. you don't come into office even if you're convinced the previous government was wrong in everything, to denounce them. you make it difficult for yourself. the date is the first party plenum. that was in 2002. when it was ratified formally in 1992 first party plenum will be in october and november of 2013. it will not bring massive reforms that are already being implemented. that is not the chinese way. it will give us a sense of the direction of the new government. whether they say something lying, you know, the previous government responded so well to the financial crisis but there are these things that got a little carried away and we really need to fix them and and example. some state firms should go bankrupt, that would be a sign. just have to say it. don't have to do anything. that would be a big step. if we g
Search Results 0 to 14 of about 15